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  • Steve Darnley

    Steve Darnley

  • Michelle Spencer

    Michelle Spencer

    Passionate about project-based learning, equity & educational reform. Founder of Clovereducation.com, consultant to schools, districts and edtech companies.

  • Clara Llamas

    Clara Llamas

    Design services, businesses and organisations and read compulsively. https://www.linkedin.com/in/clarallamas

  • Αdam Perez

    Αdam Perez

    Trying to be better than I was yesterday.

  • Tom Abeles

    Tom Abeles

  • ben byford

    ben byford

    Machine Ethics Podcast. AI ethics. Web / game designer, technologist, artist, writer, cake eater. http://www.benbyford.com

  • Shun-Nan Chiang

    Shun-Nan Chiang

  • scritic


    I am an interpretive social scientist who studies platforms, algorithms, data, and expertise. Lecturer at UC-Berkeley. See http://shreeharshkelkar.net for more.

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